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The Chinese baby gender calendar chart was discovered in 1972 in Taiwan. History has it the gender chart was developed during Ching’s dynasty around 700 hundred years ago. The Chinese gender prediction chart requires you to fill the lunar month you conceive and your age as per the Chinese lunar calendar. Chinese gender calculator helps to predict the sex of the unborn baby. “Baby Gender Predictor” makes prediction easy by automatically converting your English dates as per the Chinese lunar calendar. This Chinese Pregnancy Calendar whose origin is unknown is reputed to be based on the Yin Yang, Five Elements and the Bagua and its prediction are believed to be quite accurate.

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Becoming parents is a great feeling and parents are very excited to know the gender of Newborn baby when they are expecting. Some people visit doctors to know the newborn's gender and some just use the various methods based on the mother's health condition while she is pregnant, baby movement, etc. 

However, the use of Chinese astrology calendar is very popular and has the best accuracy among all other methods. This method is based on the Chinese calendar. Baby Gender Predictor is based on this Chinese astrology calendar and has a huge following.

Baby Gender Predictor is very easy to use the app and it is based on the Chinese calendar, just put the Mother’s age at the time of conceiving and the conceiving month then it will automatically calculate the gender of the baby based on the Chinese astrology. 

This app is very simple to use without any unnecessary features and it does well and serves its purpose. This is the free application and builds for the community. 

Before we start exploring the Baby Gender Predictor App's demo, let us see some of its key features:

Baby Gender Predictor App's Key Features

  • It predicts Baby's gender quickly with just the mother's age and month while conceiving.
  • Monitor BMI for a healthy pregnancy
  • Keep track of the newborn baby's needed vaccination.
  • Check how your baby's developing in your womb
  • Create a profile to easy track health-related progress
  • BMI graph for the visual guide
  • 100% free app
  • Totally offline and no data is stored on the server. 
  • Explore for more features.

Predicting Baby's Gender

Predicting a baby's gender is fun with this app. All it needs is the mother's age when she conceived and the month.

Click on the Gender Predictor from the home screen option and follow the following steps:

Track Baby Vaccination

Vaccination is much needed for the newborn baby. With this app, you can simply create the baby's profile and it generates all standard vaccinations recommended by the WHO with the timeline.

You can then, track and mark the given vaccination and track remaining ones.

Disclaimer: Please consult with your doctor for vaccination-related questions and actions.

BMI Calculator

Measuring BMI while you are pregnant is very important for the healthy pregnancy. With this app, you can measure your BMI and save it for future tracking.

You can generate your BMI graph if you save your BMI result regularly. Try this app as a tool in your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Condition

Tracking your baby's development and mother's health during pregnancy is very important. This app generated the best result based on pregnancy duration.

Check out the following screens:

Gender Predictor Options

Gender Predictor App has many features like creating a profile, monitoring timely health details and many more.  I would recommend using this app for experiencing these features.

How Accurate Is the Chinese Gender Calendar?

The Chinese baby sex predictor is not scientific, but some surveys have proven that its accuracy higher (more than 90%) when compared to other calculators. Millions of people around the world believe in this method and go by this approach to predict their baby’s gender.

To check its accuracy, you can try it on your family and friends. For instance, you can enter your sister’s age and the month she has conceived to see if the calculator predicts her baby’s gender right. You can also use it for fun just like any other prediction method.

Following are the popularity of Baby Gender Predictor app:

Download Baby Gender Predictor

Note: Don’t rely 100% on the output produced by this app and consult the doctors if you want to be sure about the newborn before the head.

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