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Family Planner - Period and Ovulation Calendar

When it comes to sex, people often get worried about having safe sex to avoid unwanted pregnancy. There could be many reasons to have safe sex and Family Planner app will surely help you in this.

There are many ways available to prevent unwanted pregnancy like some pills, condom and other medical procedures. All methods have their pros and cons and it is good to use anyone to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Download Family Planner App

The Family Planner app is 100% free and offline android app. All it needs is your first day of last menstrual cycle and its duration to generate a beautiful safe and unsafe calculator. This calculator clearly shows the safe days to have sex and avoid pregnancy which is very handy to use.

It helps to know the safe and unsafe days for making love. It helps to prevent unwanted pregnancy by showing the safe and unsafe days calculated based on the standard formula.

Some of the Key features of Family Planner App

  • It needs very minimum information to generate safe and unsafe calender
  • It is very lightweight and handy
  • Consumes less battery
  • 100% free app
  • No data shared on the server which prevents your privacy
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Option to track your period cycle.
  • Pleasent design with needed options
  • Explore for more features

How To Find Safe Days To Avoid Pregnancy

Finding safe days to avoid pregnancy is very easy with the Family Planner app. All you need to enter is your first day of last period and last period duration to generate a handy safe and unsafe calendar.

Switching App Language 

Family Planner supports multiple languages, and switching language is very easy. Simply select the globe icon on the top-right corner of the app and select desire available language. 

Marking Period

It is good practice to mark the period regularly to keep track of it. It helps women to be healthy. Family Planner App allows users to quickly mark period on a single tap and generate a report to make sure you are having a normal cycle.

Family Planner Options

Family planner offers quick options to see the period report, mark period, change language and more. Refer to the following screens:

Download Family Planner App

Family Planner is not a big app but it does it work excellently. Following are the user rating and feedback of this app:

Disclaimer: Family Planner app is only for the educational purpose and it doesn't guarantee 100% accuracy. Please consult with your doctor for any medical consultation.

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