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In modern life, people are very busy and carrying lots of responsibilities. Every other person is loaded with lots of tasks whether it is office tasks, family work or just personal tasks.

It is important to manage all the tasks efficiently so that we could sleep properly by achieving maximum task accomplished. People are using various techniques to manage their tasks but the use of To-do list and reminder apps are very common.

There is a truckload of Android, iPhone, and Windows apps are available with millions of features. Play store is full of android apps and the App Store is full of iPhone apps. These apps are overloaded with so many features which can make your life easy.

But, we cannot deny that sometimes these apps have so many features which actually confuses its user. Sometimes, we just need an app which is simple to use and faster in managing your tasks. If you are looking for some cool app which is just perfect to manage your tasks, then you have landed at the very right place.

Quick Check  - Smart To-Do List

Quick Check is the simplest To-Do list app designed to manage various tasks quickly with only needed features. Quick Check will help you to organize your office tasks, party plan, shopping list, and vacation plan quickly and manage them wisely.

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Let’s dig it down a little and try to understand its features.

First, it allows users to create groups to differentiate their tasks. Imagine having a separate group for your office work, personal tasks, important notes, part planning or just a list for your next shopping. You can do it simply by just creating separate groups for your tasks. It makes your life easy by its simple yet useful and easy to manage design.

It is designed for the everyday use no matter you are in office, home, shopping market or traveling. Quick Check is easy to use and organize your daily task.

Adding and Updating Task Groups

Adding a task group is very easy, simply hit on the Add Group icon on the top-right corner of the app and keep adding groups.

Swipe any group to the left side of your mobile screen and editing option will be available immediately.

Refer the following screens for help.

Quick Check - Task Group List
Quick Check - Add Task Group
Quick Check - Edit Task Group

Adding tasks under each group

Adding tasks under each group is very easy. All you need to do is, tap on the Task Group and start adding tasks under that Group.

  • You can add a task with the due date that will help to work on today's pending task.
  • Also, you can set the priority for the urgent tasks quickly.
  • You don't need to close the popup to add new tasks. Simply click on Save And Add New and keep on adding tasks.

Updating and Completing Tasks

Click on any Task you wish to update. A popup will appear with the options to update.

Click on the checkbox to mark it as completed quickly and move it to the completed task list. This is fast, isn't it?

You can change everything including task name, due date, and priority

Assigning Task to Other Group

This is a cool feature which allows you to move the tasks from one group to another. This will surely help to manage your work.

Simply swipe left any task to see the options like, Transfer, Delete or to quickly mark any task as urgent.

Quick Check options to manage work

Apart from these handy features, there are some other features available in quick check that makes the app more useful and productive.

Simply click on the top-left corner icon to expand the options available for you.

The features include:

  1. Pending Checks: This will list all the pending tasks across all groups.
  2. Task Due Today: This option will list down all the tasks due today from all the groups.
  3. Urgent Tasks: This will list down all the pending urgent tasks so that you could focus on them and finish quickly.
At the end of the day, you can rest, relax and recharge for tomorrow with the peace-of-mind of knowing that your task management is 100% organized.

To Summarize Quick Check Features:

  • Personalized group for office, home, party, shopping, etc.
  • Unlimited groups and tasks
  • Option to switch task group and mark any task as an urgent task.
  • Totally offline app
  • Your data is on your phone only and we don't store your data.
  • Quick Check is 100% free app
  • Clean interface and consume less space and battery.
  • Explore for other ways to use this app. 

Future releases:
I am working on other cool features like reminders, flagging, pin, starred tasks, etc. to give best to the community. Will appreciate your feedback to make to more productive and useful.

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Please share your suggestions to improve this app and make it more useful for the community.

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