Smart Card - Digital Visiting Card with QR Code

"Smart Card - Digital Visiting Card with QR Code" is a digital way of keeping your visiting card and sharing with friends, clients, partners and others. It generates the modern QR code of your visiting card  which helps easy sharing with everyone. It's very simple and takes only a minute to generate your cool and fancy visiting card which will be instantly ready to share with anyone digitally. Smart Card allows you to call, send email, visit website etc. directly from the Digital Visiting Card and you can also save the contact to your device if you wish to for other uses.

Fast and Easy
Quick Share with QR Code
Easy & quick actions like making call, sending email, visiting website, saving contact to phone etc.
Smart and handy
Quick save contact to device
Attractive theme

Free Download link: Smart Card

**Currently this version is designed for the Mobile only, however we are working on the tablet layout for better experience**

To add cherry on the top, it's free and works flawlessly without internet. You can generate and share the digital visiting card without internet. No need to use Bluetooth, WIFI or any need to connect two devices.

You can scan below QR code to download the "Smart Card - Digital Visiting Card with QR Code"

It's safe and doesn't share your information without your permission. It doesn't keep your data on server or any place other than your private mobile device. So don't wait to download this revolutionary Smart Card (Digital Visiting Card) and use it for your business or personal needs.

Steps to create and read the Smart Card:
1. Click on the "+" button in "My Card" tab to create your digital visiting card

2. Click on the QR code to expand and ready to share.

3. Click on the Menu button on the digital visiting card to explore the menu for quick actions like making call, sending email etc.

4. To scan the Smart Card, simply click on the Camera button and scan the QR card

5. If any valid Smart Card found, then the app will show the found card details. You may then save to cancel to scan another smart card.

6. All saved smart digital cards will appear in "Saved Cards" tab. 

Kindly share this post and this app with everyone you know and share your valuable feedback to improve this app.

You can create upto two personal Digital Visiting Card in this free version.

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